You have a name. Sunshower brands it. Reflect your professionalism and your business aim in your brand with:
  • Professional email and domain
    • THIS:
    • Not this:
    Let your business be found in a web search, not your competitor's. Get your own domain and basic website. You can afford it.
  • Logos, graphics, infographics
  • Business card design

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YourComputerTeacher™ IT Training
Find out what you don’t know. Increase your productivity by avoiding the pitfalls of computer and software issues. Yes, you can.
  • Personal computer training
  • Harvest business and personal benefits from improved computer skills and confidence
  • Eliminate many computer-related frustrations

Basic learning concepts include:

Overcoming Technophobia™

  • Outlining the history of your computer experience
  • Assessment of your basic skills
  • Setting attainable goals
  • Applying your current non-computing knowledge to computing
  • Finding your niche as an area of expertise

Proficiency Booster™

  • Expand your capabilities and discover secrets to maximize your time spent at the computer
  • End dead-end searches and become an expert search engine researcher
  • Get beyond the basics of Microsoft Word or other Office apps without the pitfalls

Help Desk™

  • Pathways to self-reliant tech support
  • What to do when you don't know what to do
  • What to do with Error messages, especially the ambiguous type (which would be most...)
  • What to do when the Help menu fails you
  • What to do when your computer "acts up"
  • How to take care of your files and how to find or restore "lost" files
  • What about when your computer seems slow?

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Hospitable, attractive, well-kept home pages are our business. Your home page is your welcome mat to your customers, your front desk. It is very often the first contact a customer has with your business. Reflect who you are on your website and maintain your site with fresh images and new content.

Our basic web services include:

  • Setup of your account with Ipage™ webhosting service or the service of your choice
  • A user-friendly WordPress site
  • Offering security, privacy and search engine submission services are included in the hosting package
  • Design/build of your website to order
  • Basic menu
  • HTML, CSS, SSI and JavaScript codework
  • Foundational SEO
  • Email account setup
  • Contact form

Available Extras

  • JavaScript dropdown menu
  • Sliders for your images or (especially recommended to replace any current Flash slideshows)
  • Image editing
  • Stock images
  • Walkthrough to set up your email on your PC’s Outlook
  • Video editing and upload to YouTube or your video hosting service
  • iTunes account maintenance and uploads
  • Surveys using SurveyMonkey or your preferred service
  • Content authoring
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance to update content, calendars, ads, schedules specials
  • Google Calendar

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Take your marketing up a notch.
  • Professional looking email marketing campaigns
  • Social Media that develops and maintains your image of success
  • Don't sweat your next campaign

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Mentoring with CreativeSide ™
Everyone has a Creative Side. Develop your creativity with CreativeSide™ personal mentoring. Apply to business, job, personal, family

Business application

When you're out of ideas Sunshower is not. Need workarounds? Sunshower has solutions.

Personal application

Develop creativity to enhance family and relationships. Define past experiences to enrich the present.

CreativeSide™ Mentoring Elements

  • Finding hidden value
  • Establishing resourcefulness
  • Learning the Art of the Workaround
  • Making it fun
  • Thinking out of the box
  • Committing to optimism
  • Working creative elements in
  • Making the ordinary extraordinary
  • Personal creative development

Methods may include:

  • Creativity Think Tank
  • Sharing and developing creative outlets
  • Workshop (Writing, Art, Design)

Mary Ann will meet with you, (initial consultation is always complimentary), to determine your goals and current situation. Mentoring services are then delivered in one hour sessions with a two hour minimum. If you do not agree that it has been beneficial to partner with Sunshower, your first two hour fee will be refunded.

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