Owner, Mary Ann Stein Raulerson

Mary Ann

I received my Bachelor's degree from Indiana University.

After a gaining work experience in the fields of education, project management and IT support, I decided to form my own business. I knew I had something of value to offer small businesses and organizations. So, I embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship with much research, organizing, planning, and prayer with the support of my husband and partner Jeff. When the preparation stage was complete, it was time to take the "leap"-resigning from my established and secure position working for a successful sign business. Sunshower Business Services began, originally as a sole proprietorship. In 2016, I restructured my company and its new status and name is now Sunshower, LLC. It's my desire that my business will continue to evolve; to contribute and promote innovation.

I have always seen my primary role as a wife and mother, so when I am not working on my business, that role occupies most of my time. My interests include a staunch belief in and commitment to lifelong learning-this encompasses much of who I am. Some of the other things I like to do include reading, church, adventures, beaches, fitness, baking, shopping, scrapbooking, amusement parks, travel and nature, (not necessarily in that order).

Birds flying, ocean


With her years of experience in permitting project management, IT management, computer education, plus educational backgrounds in computer information systems and art, Mary Ann possessed the tools to launch a multifaceted business support company. She noticed many small businesses did not optimize their potential, especially in areas of organization, clear communication, company image and web/social media presence. Because she had no business background and no idea how to start a business, forming this business was a ground zero project. Mary Ann did a lot of researching, sought counsel, and learned that there is no "right" time or even "right" way to start a business, short of fulfilling legal requirements. The local Small Business Development Center was instrumental in helping her formulate a plan. Mary Ann purposed to build Sunshower with the components she would want her customers to have.

Sunshower has now entered a new phase, transforming from a virtual assistant business to a business with core specialties that are web-delivered: Marketing, Visibility and Media, (website design and redesign, graphics, videos, social media and email marketing), computer education, (YourComputerTeacher™) and a new addition-CreativeSide™.